The Russian military is exhausted, however the dictator needs to combat to the ultimate Russian, says army knowledgeable

Kremlin, Moscow

Kremlin, Moscow

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“Lately, the wrestle effectiveness and functions of the Russian military are declining each day, each on the subject of era and on the subject of coaching other people,” Musienko famous, including that Putin remains to be looking for a strategy to permit the Russian military-industrial advanced to withstand Western guns. .

“They really feel their backwardness in comparison to the West and the fashions that they have got and the reserves that they have got,” Musienko mentioned.

“They’re operating out as a result of if the whole lot used to be as excellent because the Russian military-industrial advanced experiences about its protection enterprises, they wouldn’t ask for lend a hand from North Korea and Iran.”

Putin’s contemporary announcement of a “partial” mobilization, in line with Musiyenko, signifies that the manpower of the Russian military is abruptly depleting.

“All this testifies to the intense setbacks that Russia suffers and continues to undergo at the battlefield,” he mentioned.

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“Let’s be aware the defeats within the battles for the Kharkiv area. We see how Russian troops, if truth be told, at the moment are compelled to head at the defensive in maximum instructions, and now not at the offensive, because the Kremlin deliberate. Clearly, their forces are depleted – fewer guns, fewer other people.

In step with Musienko, on the time of the beginning of a full-scale invasion on February 24, Russia deployed, in line with quite a lot of estimates, from 160,000 to 200,000 common troops. Then again, Musienko believes that the losses incurred – greater than 50 thousand other people, or a minimum of a 3rd of the full – is not going to prevent Putin.

“Putin isn’t going to prevent on account of his imperial maniacal ambitions for Ukraine, even at the price of massive losses for Russia,” he mentioned.

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“In fact that that is Russia, and Putin needs to combat, Putin needs to combat to the ultimate Russian, and a majority of these selections obviously show this. Those are dangerous steps, steps of desperation.”

Musienko defined that the cause of this desperation used to be the truth that Putin has not anything certain to supply Russian society rather than struggle, making it vital to its political and different survival.

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He additionally mentioned that the newly mobilized Russian troops shouldn’t have sufficient fashionable guns to problem Ukraine’s dominance, making them even weaker than the troops already combating in Ukraine.

“We will have to remember the fact that since February 24 or even now, the ones remnants within the east and south which might be combating towards Ukraine are some of the maximum combat-ready devices of the Russian troops,” he mentioned.

“And we see how those forces confronted … with an impressive and efficient rebuff from the Ukrainian forces … This is, it is a combat-ready crew that would now not reach its strategic targets.”

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