Queen Elizabeth’s demise revives hobby in British memorabilia in Hong Kong

HONG KONG. The demise of Queen Elizabeth II sparked a wave of nostalgia and revived hobby in British memorabilia in Hong Kong, which lived beneath the British crown for 156 years prior to returning to China in 1997.

So Tschim says he grew up with mailboxes and Elizabeth cash. “I used to really feel just like the queen is a god-like everlasting determine,” stated Search engine optimization, who purchased a commemorative silver coin issued previous this yr to commemorate the queen’s platinum jubilee.

Many within the Chinese language town nonetheless have feelings about British rule of Hong Kong.

His go back to China used to be life-changing amid political turmoil sparked by means of waves of pro-democracy protests and Beijing’s crackdown, which critics say destroyed Western-style freedoms and jeopardized his popularity as a world monetary industry hub.

“It used to be right through the times of the British colony when Hong Kong turned into a city the place East meets West,” stated Brian Ong, an avid collector and broker of royal relics.

Again to advice tales

“Subsequently, I believe there’s a sentimental feeling for the queen that used to be greater than her as a ruler. It is a really feel for Hong Kong’s colonial previous.”

Edward Ng, born and raised beneath British rule, spent just about $140 on 4 silver mementos at Ong’s retailer, Space of Males, one among a number of within the town that specialize in British memorabilia.

“The Queen used to be a very powerful determine for the folks of Hong Kong. I can omit her,” Ng stated.

Ong bids on items from in all places the arena. Ahead of the pandemic hit, he traveled to the United Kingdom no less than 4 instances a yr to ship items to his retailer.

His hobby in amassing royal relics and pieces from colonial Hong Kong started in 1997 when he used to be 17 years previous and the remaining time the Union Jack used to be reduced over town.

Since then, he has gathered an outstanding private number of over 10,000 pieces. Amongst them are banknotes, army medals, stamps and royal portraits within the Victoria Town Museum, which he additionally owns.

Call for for the Queen’s memorabilia has grown in Hong Kong during the last two years, particularly after her ninety fifth birthday remaining yr and her Platinum Jubilee.

“Individually, I believe it is the queen’s personal air of mystery. She used to be an idol, an iconic determine on a world scale, and many of us simply respect her,” stated Ong.

“Additionally, she used to be a part of the historical past of Hong Kong. The older generations of Hong Kong have been beneath her rule, and… she turned into a part of their collective reminiscence.”

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