Prisoners who escaped from the Jowai jail in Meghalaya have been lynched by way of the mafia

Prisoners who escaped from Jowai Jail have been lynched on Sunday by way of an offended mob at Shangpung in Meghalaya.

The group, which incorporated I Love You Talang, Ramesh Dhar, Marsanki Tariang, Rickmenlang Lamare, Shidorki Dhar and Lodestar Tang, escaped from Jowai County Prison on September 10 after stabbing a guard.

Shanpunga leader R. Rabon stated that six other folks have been hiding within the woodland. Other people chased after them. When it changed into recognized that they got here to the tea store to shop for some pieces. The villagers surrounded the world and, shooting them, beat the fugitives.

The headman stated that 4 of them died from the beatings, and Ramesh Dhar controlled to flee from the jungle.

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