Close to Lugansk, invaders in masses of civilian automobiles are transporting loot to the Common Personnel


About 300 civilian automobiles with Kharkiv license plates had been noticed at the street to occupied Luhansk, which the Russian army is the usage of to move stolen items.

Supply: The Common Personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Fb, knowledge as of 18:00 September 13.

Quote: “The Russian occupying forces proceed to loot. For instance, at the phase of the Starobelsk-Lugansk freeway against Luhansk, about 300 civilian vehicles had been recorded, most commonly with state numbers of the Kharkiv area.

Many of the automobiles with trailers loaded with stolen items are pushed through Russian servicemen.”

Main points: The Common Personnel notes {that a} identical scenario is seen in towns and cities within the briefly occupied territories of southern Ukraine.

For instance, within the town of Pologi, Zaporozhye area, Russian invaders wreck down the gates of personal garages and remove personal vehicles from native citizens. In Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson area, the invaders started to vastly take out furnishings and family home equipment from briefly deserted properties.

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